Solid Sound Festival

Instructor: Caleb Heisey

Solid Sound is an arts and music festival that takes place every two years at MassMOCA, a contemporary art museum in North Adams, MA. At this festival, you can hear acts like Wilco and Courtney Barnett as well as participate in activities such as axe throwing and yoga, or see some of the exhibitions at the museum. I aimed to reduce solid and sound to its basic forms (solid colors and shapes that signify sound) as a way to be accessible to all audiences and create a fun, impactful and consistent system.

Brand Identity

For building out the brand, I used the name and energy of the festival to help inform the visual style. Taking the ‘solid’ part of its moniker to arrive at a chaotically colorful solid background and color palette, I also used simple geometric shapes to follow through on the ‘sound’ elements.