Instructor: Scott Laserow

SHORTS is a virtual theater that houses two-minute student short films. The brand identity focuses on the idea of grit and grace to juxtapose film’s finished product with its messy process. The website allows users to watch films from multiple genres or submit their own.

Brand Identity

With films, there tend to be two sides of viewing: the lengthy, gritty process that the filmmaker experiences and the pristine, polished product that the audience sees. Because the website would serve as a platform for the two to interact, it felt right to reflect these dual experiences within the identity. This can be seen in the rough and abrasive imagery juxtaposed with the academic serif typography.

The logo reflects the specific timed two-minute quota for the films of this theater through placing the ‘2’ in the film leader motif, which references the retro countdown before films. The type treatment for the mark also serves to reference the fast-paced energy of filmmaking.


Along with creating the look and feel of the brand and website, I also created a two-minute short that could be hosted on the site. Kjære Sana is an animation that reinterprets the narration taken from the Norwegian television show titled, SKAM. The monologue, used in conjunction with corresponding collaged imagery, speaks as the voice of a generation to tell all the words we must contemplate most as a society in the 21st century.