Creative Director: Abby Guido

 Visual branding and strategy for a proposed platform that aims to socialize TV watching across all streamers through watch parties, reviews, recommendations, and more. 



As our lives have grown to be more and more fast-paced, our TV viewing has adapted. Watching bits and pieces of shows here and there, or we watch at longer length, but typically alone, with no one to share the experience. As more and more great programming continues to come out on an abundance of streaming services, it is getting difficult to know what to watch and what suits your palette. However, what if your friends, those who know your best, could help out?


Remote is a platform that socializes TV watching through the ability to see what your friends are watching on other platforms and their reviews as well as the option to watch a show in real-time with friends.


Next, I planned to get to know future friends, or users, to this platform. In order to do this, I crafted a set of survey questions that were posted on several TV-centric forums far and wide to attract a large sample size. The results of this revealed that while about sixty of respondents at least almost always watched alone, the majority of all respondents would like the ability to watch with others. This new information helps to inform the corresponding user persona.

User Persona

Kimmy is 19 years old and is from New York City. She streams whenever she has free time, usually alone, as her work as an assistant and nanny demands a lot of her time. She does not have enough time to arrange or attend a proper viewing party for her favorite shows but wishes she could. She loves watching animated content and teen shows as well as binging on comedies. This platform would solve this issue by allowing her to create a virtual viewing party for her real and online friends whenever her favorite shows release a new season.

Web App Interface

When creating the interface for Remote’s web app, the primary consideration was to keep connecting friends together over TV at the forefront of the user experience and have that reflect in the interface. The first place this was iterated was through the homepage, where the show that most of your friends are watching is the most promoted show. This concept continues throughout with the prioritization of friends’ reviews and reactions on shows’ pages and the feed. Structurally, the interface is inspired by the vertical scrolling nature of social media feeds as well as supports the longitudinal structure of the logo.

Brand Identity

After gathering the quantitative and qualitative research, it then became easier to conceptualize the brand identity. As I began working on the logo, I considered the visual elements that make up concepts that this platform touches such as the triangle of an envelope, or a party hat or as a play button, the square and rectangular forms of a device, etc. led to this final logo. Keeping with this theme of working with three’s and triangles, I stuck with a triad color scheme that served as visual cues for quickly recognizing how much of your friends’ are watching certain shows. I went for a less conventional typographic choice so that the shows’ titles pop out and remained on-brand with the more triangular serif cut-offs. The icons related to logo and created tension across all buttons.

Brand Campaign

I started thinking about all the ways to promote Remote (rhyme not intended) and took on the role of photographing and art directing a brand campaign. The theme of this campaign is ‘The Reasons for a Viewing Party,’ in order to truly push the platform’s flagship feature. For the image above, the reason is to have a movie party.