EW! Eatery

Instructor: Caleb Heisey

A tongue-in-cheek ice cream parlor that spotlights unconventional ice cream flavors. The ice cream industry sometimes promotes themselves as delicious to the point of being hyperbolic. Considering this, I aimed to turn that idea on its head and swing in the other direction: market as ‘excessively gross’ in a playful way in order to promote its unusual flavors. In order to engage the consumer and provide a memorable experience, each flavor has its own monster as well as a ‘grossness’ score and traits: allowing a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience.

Brand Identity

When creating the look and feel of the brand, I wanted to get people excited to try these obscure flavors. I decided to make these creatures feel as personalized as possible through giving them their own traits, having an expansive and energetic color palette and making a gritty, hand-done alphabet that would be the voice of the EW! Eatery experience.