D’usse lunar new year ’23

Creative Director: Fletch Park

Limited edition packaging concepts to help kick off the 2023 Year of the Rabbit campaign for D’Usse in addition to establishing a visual aesthetic that can continue on in other formats.



Following a successful Year of the Tiger campaign from 2022, D’Usse approached us to design their limited edition packaging for the next year — the Year of the Rabbit. This time, we set out to design a few concepts that would be able to be expanded out into other forms such as promotional window displays, posters, POS materials, OOH billboards and more. 

For the depiction of the rabbit herself, I found it important to focus less on the traditional cuteness of a bunny and more on a hare in motion — a characterization that better fits this elegant cognac brand and can lead to more dynamic layouts.

Concept 1
Red Lantern

Chinese Paper Cutting (jiǎn-zhǐ) is one of the oldest forms of art in China.

Red paper is cut, creating shapes and patterns, allowing light to shine through in the form of lanterns, decorations, and personal gifts.

Paper cuttings represent luck and celebration.


Inner/Outer Sleeves


Other Concepts

Gold is the expression of prosperity and fortune in China.

Silver is the most beautiful and elegant material, often likened to the rabbit.

The joining of these metals, paired with the rabbit imagery, creates a luxe and unique identity.

The red seal is a traditional mark that is individually handcrafted and used as an artist’s signature.

A unique Year of the Rabbit seal adorns each box and highlights the artistic notes of D’USSÉ XO.